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Chapter 1 - Wanderous Dream
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     It’s raining. Thy sky looks as though it feels my anger and my sadness. Now and again lightening dances across the clouds, pulling thunder not too far behind.
     As if it wasn’t bad enough to be stuck out in this fringed rain, my left eye is stinging. The blood flowing from my forehead is getting into my eye making my vision rather interesting. For all that wish to know, if the world were based on a red scale rather than gray, it would suck.
     “Man this sucks,” I groan as I try to make myself a little more comfortable. Sigh. I can’t get comfortable. My body aches sitting beneath this huge tree. Wish it would keep me dry, but being at the top of a hill and the lack of leaves, the rain seems to have the advantage.
     I look at the sky then down the slope of the hill to the bottom. I can’t help but shake my head, “So many bodies. Why is it that so many had to die?”
     Did I mention I was a soldier? Yeah, that’s right, so what if I’m a girl. If you have a problem with it then keep it to yourself, otherwise I’m more than happy to give a demonstration, if you catch my drift.
     But I digress. My name is Shaina, Shaina D. Uchuu. Nicknamed the “Destroyer,” I’m 17 years old and serve the High Prince of Versai. And no, I don’t serve him in that way, perverts. I suppose you can say I’m his second in command since I have no formal title.
     Yawn. Man, I haven’t felt this much pain in a good while. I have an abnormal healing rate compared to most people. The sun is beginning to rise on my left. Never realized that much time had passed; still, it’s refreshing to see something so beautiful when all other things look so gloomy.
     “My Lady! My Lady!” I’m so exhausted, I can’t move to look. My eyes grow heavy. “My Lady, hang in there. Someone bring a flat bed quick!”
     I can’t keep my eyes open anymore and my mind begins to wander. The sound of the men blur to nothingness.

     “You worked hard didn’t you?” a familiar voice says. “I thought I told you not to push yourself, sister.”
     “Ug…” Now that voice rings a bell. I smell flowers and vanilla, still don’t understand why I always smell vanilla. I struggle to open my eyes, but they open to find a shadowy figure hovering over me.
     “Don’t you ‘ug’ me. You know you shouldn’t push yourself. Now look at you.” The shadow steps away blinding me instantly.
     “Ow! What the heck!” I sit up and reach to grab her.      “Hehe, serves you right for making me worry like that.” I hate it when she says stuff like that. It always seems to have an “I told you so” attitude to it, but done with such a forgivably cute smirk.
     I lay back down into the flower filled grass. With my eyes now adjusted to the light, I look out to the blue sky. White puffy clouds float lazily on by. A cool breeze brushes my cheek.
     “What are you thinking?” She lies besides me. Her movements look so graceful, especially in that gown.
     “You mean besides the fact that I dislike wearing dresses?” Yeah, that’s right, as gorgeous as I may be with my long brown hair and sparkling green eyes, I’ve never liked wearing gowns and really girlie clothes. I suppose it’s because I detest how men become mindless idiots when they see a pretty girl.
     I look over at Sarca. She’s just staring at me. Oh yes, I suppose I should explain. Sarca is my younger sister. She’s really sweet and kind; has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. Did I mention she lives about five planets away? She’s a popular idol too.
     So how is it possible for her to be here now? Well, all will be explained later.
     “The fight isn’t over. I can feel it.” I look back up to the sky. “That monster killed so many people. They didn’t have a chance.”
     “It wasn’t your fault. Your orders were to protect the people and the castle, am I wrong?”
     I stay silent.
     “The Prince himself told you too. You can’t be in two places at once. Besides,” she takes my hand, “until the Prince had returned there was no way to protect them without you.”      A tear trickles out of one eye. “The Prince,” I sigh, “he barely made it. He’s so damn stubborn.”
     “So you blame him for a flaw that even you possess? Is that it?” I hate when she says things like that. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she’s younger than me with how smart and wise she is.
     “Of course not -”
     “Then what’s the problem?”
     “I just wonder about the ‘What if’. What if I had sensed that monster sooner?”
     “And if you had, do you really think that many more lives would have been saved?” She sighs. “You know it does no good to dwell on such things.”
     “You’re right of course. It’s just…,” I squeeze her hand and turn as if to cuddle with her.
     “Mmmh?”      “I feel as though I should have done more. Not only am I the Prince’s second in command, but also his best friend.”
     “Shaina, I doubt the Prince thinks you let him down. As you said, you’re friends. Just take a deep breath and relax. Even you have flaws and limitations, he knows this. Trust yourself, and trust him as you always have.”      Listening to her words had brought a sense of calm flow over my body like a breeze. I close my eyes. My surroundings begin to fade. Everything becomes nothing. I’m floating in an ocean of nothingness.

     My body feels heavy, at least the pain has subsided. However, I have a feeling that will change when I decide to move. It’s a bit difficult to open my eyes, somehow I manage though.
     My room. I’m at the palace of Versai. I can see the rays of sunlight coming from the window from the left. They’re peeking through the curtains. I supposed they closed them so that I could sleep better. They even covered up the doors to the balcony.
     I smell flowers. Oh, they were hung along the top of the canopy. They did an interesting job…
     My hand is suddenly squeezed. My eyes widen as I follow my arm down to discover that the hand holding mine is that of the Prince. I can’t help but smile; it’s a nice surprise. He’s completely knocked out with the upper half of his body along side me on the bed. As for the rest of him I can’t tell since I can’t move. Still, I have to admit I’m happy to see him.

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