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Chapter 10 - Chain of Memories
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     A cool breeze washes over me, and in the distance I can hear something, but it’s too hard to make out. Wait, I can hear it now, a child is crying. I’m blinded by the light as I open my eyes. My body feels so heavy, but I force myself to sit up after my eyes regain focus.
     “Wah,” the child cries, but I have yet to see it. I stand up to have a look around. I go to the top of a hill to get a better look.
     “What the, it can’t be,” I’m frozen in place. “What is going on?” I look to the trees on my left to see the crying child emerge. I can’t believe this.
     “Mommy Light, Mommy Light,” a second child emerges, a little girl slightly older than the first.
     “What’s wrong Sarca, did you hurt yourself?” a woman in white asks. She’s quite beautiful with her long flowing white hair, it’s almost luminous. Her dress sits upon the grass like newly fallen snow.
     The crying girl shakes her head no while rubbing her eyes and sniffling. “Shaina, perhaps you could tell me why your sister is crying?”
     This is the past, a time before I ever met the Prince and his family, I can’t believe this.
     “This is why. We found it by the tree where we played.” I’m holding what appears to be a dead bird. “Can you fix it mommy?”
     The woman holds her hand over the bird and closes her eyes. She then looks at the young me, “Why don’t you do it?”
     “But I don’t know how.”
     “Yes you do, you just don’t realize it. Now then, you know how to heal the earth with your voice, correct?”
     “Yes ma’am.”
     “What are you thinking about when you sing?”
     “Um, happy thoughts and making everything pretty.”
     “I don’t understand.”
     “Hold those same thoughts in your heart and instead of singing aloud, sing on the inside and have that feeling flow through your body.”
     “Ok mommy.” I closed my eyes and healed the bird.”
     “In time you will learn to heal in many different ways.”
     “There’s more than just one way?”
     “Yep, you’ll see.”
     “Bird, bird!” Sarca cries as it flies from my little hands.
     I was about four when this all happened, the first time I healed an animal. Mother Light, or Una as she was known by others, was always so gentle and peaceful.
     “Shaina, death is not the end, remember that.”
     I whip around to look behind me, another memory?
     “But I thought once something died, with the exception of plants and stuff, that aren’t allowed to bring them to life.”
     “There are always exceptions to the rule. Tell me, do you fear death little one?”
     “I don’t fear you mommy.”
     The woman laughs and stares at little me with gentle eyes. “And why is that?”
     “Because you’re Mother Dark.”
     “As true as that may be, it is wise to know what to fear and be cautious of.”
     “What do you mean?”
     “You’ve seen me and the other dark girls. What do you see?”
     “Blood, pain and death.”
     “We could turn and kill you, doesn’t that frighten you?”
     “I never thought about it.”
     “Why not?”
     “Because we are all connected and therefore I could use their powers against them.”
     She smiles, “Yes, we are connected. But, that isn’t a good answer.”
     “I don’t know, I’m just not scared.”
     “I suppose that will do as an answer.” She picks me up and sits me on her lap. Her hair is as dark as the night sky, and both hair and dress are long and flowing. She summons a scye in to appear in her hand. “Would you give me your hand please?”
     “Yes ma’am,” Mother Dark makes a small cut into the palm of my small hand. “Ow.”
     “What is blood?”
     “Yes, and your blood can give life.”
     “I don’t understand.”
     “You said it before,” she takes my cut hand into hers; “we are connected. The blood in your veins connects us all. Not many of us have that ability.”
     “Is it because I’m different?”
     “All of us are different, but yes, you and your sister are a bit different from the rest of us.”
     I give her a big hug, “Mamma Dark, I love you.”
     Midnight, the opposite of Una; she’s so nice and sweet that it’s hard to imagine she is death itself.
     “Ok, now jump Shaina,” a voice behind me says. It’s Mother Sky. “Now remember don’t think about what you’re doing, think of happy things.”
     “If you say so,” little me says nervously. I close my eyes, and release my wings, spreading them nice and open. I take a deep breath then open my eyes, focusing on Eagle floating in the air across from me. “Here I go! Jump. My eyes shut tight.
     Eagle lets out a slight giggle. “You can open you eyes now.”
     “Huh?” I open my eyes and have the biggest smile. “I’m flying!” and continue repeating it as I soar around her.
     “You’re a real natural.”
     “Now tell me what do you see?”
     I close my eyes, “Whales playing in the open water, dragons bathing on the rocks… um….”
     “That’s very good. In time you will be able to see what you want, and things you don’t.”
     “Can we fly to Sky Castle?”
     “I think you need more practice before you can fly all the way there.”
     “But, we can fly to Light Castle.”
     My first time flying, I was so happy. But why am I remembering all of this?
     “What kind of spell did you put on me?”
     Oh great, not another memory, this is getting old.
     “You won’t understand right now, but when you are older you might,” Una explains.
     “Let’s just say it’s to protect you from Adamar,” Midnight says.
     “But he’s good, he’ll never hurt me, he promised. I know he speaks the truth.”
     “We know,” Eagle says gently.
     “So then why? He loves me, just like you do, and Night Crawler too.”
     “Yes he does love you, but-”
     “It’s alright Una. Shaina if you trust us then please leave it at that. Eagle, Una, let’s go.”
     A look of confusion and sadness fell on my face. I had no idea why they did it, but I did trust their decision so I never gave it another thought after that.
     Not too long after they had placed the spell on me, Adamar’s kind invaded Mystica. Everyone was so strong that instead of trying to capture us they were killing us. Adamar snuck me and my sister out of harms way to insure our survival. But in the end, after seeing all these memories, I have no idea why they’re coming back to me.

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