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Chapter 13 - Blood is Key
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     Gathered in the Royal Garden, I must now explain my crazy plan to the others.
     “Well, I hope I can explain this all properly. First off, when I woken up from my sleep I had Sarca go out to find an area with a large amount of spiritual energy away from any towns.”
     “Spiritual energy? Surely our powers should suffice for what ever needs to be done.”
     “If it did, then we wouldn’t need the energy.” Becca appears shocked by this news.
     “There you all are!” a figure cries from the sky. “What the hell is going on here?!”
     “Calm down Night Crawler. Shaina is laying out her strategy to defeat the enemy.”
     “Say what! Why wasn’t I invited?”
     “Because you would’ve disapproved,” I say in a stern voice.
     A collective amount of “what” could be heard from everyone as was the expression of confusion on their face. Night crawler makes a seat on the floor.
     “Listen, what I plan to do is dangerous for everyone involved. But please, hear me out till the end and then you can ask all the questions you like.” Everyone watches me tentatively as I take control of the conversation.
     “Alright, as Becca had stated previously, our powers combined should be enough to combat the enemy, but it isn’t enough; at least, not to fight them affectively. It’s also said that I have the ability to destroy and create world but that wouldn’t do.
     “This is why I propose we revive the Power of Three: Light, Dark and Sky. With them revived they can open the gates and awaken the rest of the warriors.
     “So that begs the question of how; and the answer exists within me, literally. My blood is that of the Three and I bare their marks.
     “We must go to the place Sarca has found and summon them there. The spiritual energy will help to insure that I survive the process. So then, questions?” Blank stares are all I see.
     Titian breaks the silence, “So how do we go about doing this?”
     “Sarca, could you please show us the location of the energy?” I create a map in the center of our circle.
     “Here!” she points to a woodland area.
     “Hold it,” Titus shouts. “We can’t go there. It’s off limits to humans.”
     “Huh? But why?”
     “That, Little Princess, is the Forbidden Forest. It’s an enchanted area controlled by the unicorn, Elder.”
     “Unicorn?” Sarca glances at me. “I still don’t see the problem.”
     “Titian just told you, it’s practically sacred ground.”
     “See I knew it, that Prince of yours knows nothing about you all. It’s a waste of time involving them.”
     “Enough! Now it makes sense as to why this is the best area to use. After this meeting is over, I’ll go speak with Elder.”
     “But Shaina, why would he allow us to come into the area?”
     “Because we’re unicorns too.”
     “You see, we don’t possess human souls, but unicorn ones. It’s why we have so much power.”
     “Well I suppose that would explain a few things, right Titus?”
     “I suppose, but never mind that. Assuming that we are allowed to use that area, what are we doing exactly?”
     “Sarca and Rebecca create a barrier. Titus has the most important job.”
     “What is that?”
     “Creating a barrier around me and keeping an eye on me. You are my lifeline.”
     “What if Artimus isn’t strong enough to handle all the energy?”
     I smile and walk around behind him. I whisper in his ear, “Do you love me?” He nods. “Do you want to protect me?” Nod. “Then that is all you need. Artimus is connected to your heart. The stronger your desire to protect me, the stronger he’ll be,” and I lean to kiss his cheek.
     “And me my dear, what shall I do?”
     “You, Titian, will create a communication network as I’m sure we’re bound to attract unwanted attention.”
     “You got it.”
     “What about me, Princess?”
     “Night Crawler, you protect Titus.”
     “WHAT?!” He jumps up, fists clinched.
     “You heard me.”
     “But why should I have to baby-sit this guy?”
     “Because, should the enemy attack him I could die; do you want me to die?
     “No,” he says like a little child.
     “So then don’t complain.”
     “What ever you say.”
     “Right, then the meeting is over. I’ll head over to the forest to speak with Elder. After we get the OK, we can decide on when to do this.”
     “I’m coming with you,” Titus says, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nod in agreement.
     With a concern face Sarca says, “You two be careful.”
     “No worries Sarca,” giving her a wink.
     “We’ll be back later Titian.”
     As we begin to walk away I turn briefly, “Night Crawler, stay and protect them.”
     “As you wish,” and just like that he morphs to a raven.

     The Forbidden Forest; so named because no human is allowed to enter. Should one enter without permission, the punishment was to leave them lost or kill them.
     Titus and I approach the forest’s edge. Its presence is menacing, but merely a façade to scare travelers away. Closing my eyes I seek out a guide, the stag known as Mist.
     He appears from the trees, beautiful with his silvery-white coat and branch-like antlers. “You have come to speak with Elder?”
     I signal Titus to let me handle this, “Yes, the both of us.”
     “Humans are not permitted in to this forest.”
     “I know this, but I won’t enter without him.”
     “No.” He stomps his hoof into the ground.
     “He wields a mystical sword and is my protector. He will be coming with us.”
     “Make sure you can keep up then. Come, you may both enter.”

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