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Chapter 14 - The Elder
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     The forest is silent as we make our way through. The scenery is rich and picturesque. I can feel the energy of this place the deeper we go. Titus is trying to remain calm so not to frighten any wildlife that we may encounter.
     Mist halts and in a commanding voice says, “Wait here,” giving a small glance over his shoulder before disappearing through the thick trees.
     I glance over at Titus as I feel the trees. He’s nervous. I make my way over to him and softly glide my hand onto his shoulder. “It’ll be alright, I’m sure Elder will approve.”
     He takes my hand, “That isn’t what I’m worried about.”
     “I’ll be fine.” I brush my body against his. “So long as you’re with me I know I can do it.” I hold him.
     “Elder will see you now.”
     We follow Mist through the trees and are blinded by the light. I’m blown away as my eyes adjust by the large grassy plain, and at its heart, the unicorns. We continue to follow down to them, there are so many that it reminded me of Mystica. We’re nearing the herd when a distinguished looking unicorn makes its approach.
     “I see… you are a Mystic. No wonder you able to summon Mist to guide you.” He doesn’t appear to be old although the tone of his voice such wisdom gained with time. “Come closer, Princess.”
     Titus is hesitant to let me go, but with a smile and a nod I assure him that it’s alright. “Elder,” I lower my head, “I seek your help.”
     “A great evil has come to this world, one that is a threat to all life. You are no exception.”
     “Yes… I have felt a disturbance recently. What is it you need of me?”
     “This place. I wish to summon the Power of Three and for it to work I need to perform it here along with my sister and cousin. I also request that the Prince over there be allow to be present.”
     He loves over at Titus, “Him?”
     “Yes. He is acting as my life line and anchor.”
     “I see,” he glances over at the herd. “I have my permission.”
     “Thank you.”
     “Would you like to meet the herd? Your Prince must not touch them with out their consent.”
     I signal Titus as I turn to head down to the herd. “Come on Titus.”
     “Actually, I’d like to speak with this man, if you don’t mind.”
     “Um, ok.” I glance at Titus.
     “Don’t worry, you go on ahead.”
     “Alright.” With a wave I head down to them. I wonder what they’re talking about.

     Wow, they’re still talking. The color of the sky is filled with orange and reds. Around me are some sleeping colts, they’re so adorable.
     “I hope I’m not too heavy Zuk.”
     “You’re fine Princess; you can lay on me as long as you need.”
     “Thank you.” Finally some signs of movement. Titus waves me over. “Well, I guess this good night. See you later.”
     Elder makes his way down to the herd and in our passing says, “You have done well in choosing him Princess. May your journey be safe.”
     He has such a regal ness to him, “Thank you Elder.”
     “Ready to go?” Titus pops behind me.
     “Yeah.” He takes my hand and we meet Mist at the forest’s edge.

     Out of the forest we say our goodbyes. We mount our horses and make our way to Versai.
     “You look like you have something on your mind.”
     “I do, but I don’t want to pry.”
     “You want to know what we were talking about.”
     I can feel my face warm up as it turns red and nod.
     He smiles, “It’s alright. He was telling me about you.”
     “What do you mean?”
     “Well, not you per say, but the Mystics and that my sword was a Mystican weapon.”
     “No wonder you talked so long.”
     “Yes, but I must say I feel somehow more releaved.”
     “Yes. Elder said that the Mystics were created to combat evil that simply cannot be done using normal methods. Um, not to say that you’re a bred weapon or anything like that. I mean, um….”
     “I think I know what you mean. Knowing that you have something that will work against such a strong enemy can be really comforting.”
     “Yeah, and with Elder explaining my sword I feel like use it more properly. Almost like you and Alura.
     “I suppose.”
     “Shaina,” he says in a strong but soft voice, “he said that your kind are considered princesses. Why didn’t you tell me?”
     “I didn’t think it mattered. It’s not as if it is a true title.”
     “It is to them.”
     “I call you my Prince, not because of your title, but because that’s what you are to me. The same goes for them. In their eyes, we are princesses.”
     “Well then, just as I am your prince you will be my princess. I will use my strength to fight and protect you, but most importantly, to love you for the rest of my days.”
     I must be blushing because my face is getting warm. “You shouldn’t talk like that; it almost sounds like a proposal.”
     “Does it? No, it’s missing something.”
     “What do you mean?”
     Titus directs his horse in front of mine, stopping us. He promptly dismounts. “This is what is missing,” and he grabs my left had, sliding a ring onto my finger. Speechless, words can’t come out and my eyes are turning watery. “So what say you, Princess Shaina?”
     I throw myself down at him, knocking us to the ground. Words still don’t come, only tears.
     “Is that a yes?”
     “Y..yes,” I manage to say, trying to hold back my tears. “Most definitely, yes.”

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