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Chapter 16 - The Summoning
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     “… now you form the second light.” A blinding light reveals my sister in her second battle form, the 2nd Light. Her outfit is somewhat reminiscent of Becca’s with a big bow around her waist. Her hair is tipped in shades of rainbow colors but her outfit colors remained in blues and yellows.
     “You ready Sarca?”
     “Yes Sis. See you guys, oh and Sis, be careful.”
     “You got it.” We give each other a hug and then she’s gone in a blink of an eye.
     “Alright, Becca it’s your turn.”
     “Understood.” She closes her eyes and raises her hands above her head. “I am the Rainboe of Light.” A ring of rainbow colors glides down her body changing her hair to a pastel shade of rainbow colors and decorated with colorful carnations. Her outfit is white bodes, sleeves and boots with pink skirts held together by a giant purple obi with butterfly embroidered on it. “I’ll be off then.” She takes to the air and waves goodbye.
     “All that’s left is you. I’ll start scouting around,” Night Crawler says while morphing to a bird.
     Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath. I cross my arms over my chest and activate my transformation. My hair breaks free from its hair tie and changes to various shades of darker colors, mainly reds, purples and blues. My fighter’s gear changes to that of a flowing pink dress and my wings break out from my back.
     “Ready Shaina?”
     “I think so,” I respond nervously.
     “I’m right here with you,” he says while placing a hand on my shoulder.
     “Ready Princess?” It’s Elder; he’s come to lead us through the forest.
      “Let’s do this.”
     As we make our way through the trees it’s still rather dark and misty. The sun has barely risen so the air is cool and damp.
     “Here is where we part. Good luck to all of you.”
     “Thank you,” we both say. Elder takes his leave.
     “Shaina, it’s time.”
     With a nod and a deep breath I begin, crossing my arms and spreading my wings wide. The stones on my rings glow as do my wings. “Ready Titus?”
     He unsheathes Artimus and jabs him into the ground. “Ready. Artimus, shield!”
     “Alura, come forth!” Alura manifests before me, her stone and blade a glow. “By my blood I summon thee. Come forth, Power of Three!” Alura releases streams of light over my body, cutting it as they shoot past me. The blood begins to flow into a ball in front of me as I thrust my arms outward. My body lifts into the air; I can already start to feel the fatigue as the blood leaves me.
     THUMP. I can feel my heart beat slow down. It’s Titus. He’s sitting between the two swords. “You can do this,” I hear him say. “Now do it!”      I close my eyes and enter the void. I’m no longer afraid as I approach the crosses which hold the bodies of my dead mothers. With a blast I break them one by one, and call out to my mothers, “Light, Dark and Sky, I give you my blood.” Their limp bodies rise from the ground and gather around me. Upon contact by all three I am engrossed by a blinding light.
     “It’s working,” cheers Night Crawler.
     I open my eyes and can see light energy floating upward, like snow. I’m growing tired and I can’t even move my head, however I can feel my mothers’ presence. The blood gathered in the ball is streaming to them.
     “Sister,” a voice calls to me. Sarca… she’s contacting me through telepathy.
     “Is something wrong?”
     “You must hurry, they’re coming.”
     “It’s nearly done.”
     “I can see the enemy Shaina,” Becca’s voice chimes in.
     “You two do what you can to hold them off.”
     “Night Crawler,” I yell out.
     “Yes?” He appears in his full form.
     “The enemy has arrived. Remember to do your part.”
     “You got it!” He morphs back into a bird and flies away.
     “The sky is growing dark, a sign that they have come. I must hurry. Lights dance across the sky. Sarca and Becca must have engaged them. My body is going numb but suddenly I feel the grip on my hands tighten.
     “It’s alright now Shaina.”
     “You rest.”
     “We’ll take it from here.”
     My eyes tear up, “Thank you,” I manage to say. They guide me down to Titus and lay me gently on the ground.
     “Move her into the trees and keep her safe,” Una says strictly.
     “We will,” Titus says. “C’mon Night Crawler, let’s move.”
     “Shaina,” Eagle’s voice enters my head, “call the rainbows back, we’ll take it from here.”
     “Sarca, Becca, fall back and rest.”
     They manifest before me in the trees.
     “Are you two ok?”
     “We’re fine; you just worry about gathering your strength Shaina.”
     “Look, they’re opening the gates!” shouts Sarca.
     Titus sits me up against him. The Mystic Gates, able to cross time and space; an ability that I have as well. They are magnificent works of art, giant luminous circles.
     The monsters are coming, I can feel them.
     “So now comes the moment of truth,” says a voice from behind.
     “Adamar!” we all say.
     He walks up beside me. “You’ve succeeding in bringing them back. Well done.”
     “You aren’t going to fight?”
     “Why not?”
     “Because I don’t care to be on the losing side of any battle.” He glances down at me and gives a slight smirk.
     “Why do you say that?” inquires Titus.
     “It’s simple, because of you all.”
     With a puzzled face, Sarca replies, “Us?”
     “You’ll see. Trust me, you will see.”

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