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Chapter 17 - Battle Becons
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     The enemy begins their charge. The sky is filled with various kinds of fliers, the ground with beasts great and small. From Eagle’s gate come the sky girls with Stormy in the lead. With the power of weather on her side, she carries her thunder hammer for close combat.
     Meanwhile on the ground, Midnight engaged her girls into battle keep her three sisters close by. The cries of the creatures can be heard even from here. Midnight’s girls are the more ruthless kind, like high grade killers on the lurch for their next victims. Sometimes their acts are so vile that I can’t look.
     Then there’s Una, standing so royal and luminous amongst the bloodshed. A natural barrier repeals any who try to reach her. Her two sisters aid in her protection (they’re triplets). Not many make it close enough to reach the barrier thanks to the Hunters. The wild girls, Wolfgang Hunter and Tiger Lilly are at the forefront of the attacks.
     There are so many of us, it makes me wonder how they died in the first place.
     “Watch out!” a voice cries. WHOOSH. BOOM. “Are you guys alright?”
     “Yes, thank you Blossom, I mean, Desert Bloom.”
     The younger sister of Eagle, Desert Bloom with hair the color of sand and eyes of sun kissed jade. She’s also perhaps the fastest of us all. “The enemy is weak, this should be over soon.” She vanishes like the wind.
     “She’s wrong,” I say aloud to no one in particular.
     “What do you mean?”
     “They are weak, yes, but something big is coming.” I struggle to stand, Titus helps me. “We must end this now before it comes.”
     The girls nod in agreement as Sarca and I revert to our normal battle modes.
     “Before what comes?”
     “You’ll see,” Adamar says slyly.
     I don’t even acknowledge his statement, my mind is focused on one thing and that’s clearing the trash out. “Titus, I need to borrow Artimus.”
     “Night Crawler, keep him safe.”
     “You got it.”
     We head out to the battlefield to Una’s location.
     “Shaina,” she says with a slight startle.
     “We need to get rid of these guys before the real trouble arrives.”
     “I see, so these were just the pawns.”
     “Very well, it’s time that we clear a path.” She raises her hand to the sky and under her breath recites, “Heavenly Light.” Rays of light fall from the heavens, any beasts caught in its rays will be destroyed.
     Becca releases her Arial Bow and readies her aim, “Prism Shot,” she says calmly. With the release of the arrow it creates an array of rainbow colors, a beautiful attack destroying any enemy in its path.
     Sarca is up now. Her attacks usually consist of ground and strength ones, but like me, she’s rather gifted. From her hands she creates her battle stick and upgrades it to a scythe. “Silent Wave!” she shouts while swinging it. This silent attack will cut any enemy in its path.
     I don’t fight however, instead I begin to store up my energy and watch as everyone begins a more forceful assault. I must prepare for what’s to come, for it is strong and deadly, and in the same class as Adamar but far worse. It’s now time to end this.

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