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Chapter 18 - Power Up
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     “It’s here,” Midnight announces. “Are you ready, Shaina?”
     A giant wave of screams can be heard throughout the area. The priority shifts to protecting me and Una. I can fell the girls’ pain, so agonizing.
     The smoke of the battlefield swirls away, revealing our main target. A giant deity-class glartak; he’s as tall as a mountain with fiery breath, massive wings with tentacle-like limbs sprouting from his back. His body reminds me of a bear only with a head and tail of a dragon.
     “Everyone, create the barrier now!” Eagle commands having those nearby combine their powers forming a ring around us.
     “It’s time, Shaina,” Una cries.
     I take to the air above them releasing my grip on the swords over my head. They remain stationary there. I focus my energy, crossing my arms as the swords begin rotating around me. I try not to lose focus as I see that creature attacking the warriors relentlessly. I create a ball of energy before, however it needs to be stronger if I want it to do some serious damage to that thing.
     “Give up little girls,” his voice booms. They show their answer with simultaneous attacks. “Ha, ha, ha, ha!” A bright flash, and just like that many of the girls were taken out. “I am Hantez, a commander of deity rank classes. I killed you all once before and I will do it again!”
     He killed them? That vulgar excuse for a creature? He’s the reason I had to suffer and was sent away? I’ll never, ever forgive him. Power is surging through my body. BLAST!
     “Ahhhhhh!!!” I hear him scream, but he isn’t dead yet, good.
     “Shaina, calm down,” a voice cries out, Una’s I think. But I can’t do that, I won’t calm down, not after what he did. I will make him suffer. I draw a circle before me; it turns into a rotating ring of symbols.
     “Shaina stop, that’s enough. You don’t have to use that!” another voice cries. But they are wrong, it needs to happen. He needs to know… he needs to know my pain.      “Hell’s Blood Gate,” I say in a low voice. A dark reddish ring appears on the ground around him.
     “What is this?” he struggles to ask. Shadows, demon, and other various underworld creatures climb up him, latching on to his flesh and pulling him downward. “No! Stop!” He desperately blasts away at the ground below but they have no effect, the shadows simply absorb the energy, essentially feeding them. After a bit of struggle, he is finally taken under and the gate closes.
     Now that he’s out of the way, the fighters branch out, disposing any loose ends. I drift back down to the ground with my sister rushing to my side.
     “Sis, are you alright now? You had me worried.”
     “I.. I think I’m fine. Sorry to have worried you.”
     She hugs me, tears flowing down her cheeks. “Let’s get you over to Titus.”
     “Wait,” I struggle to say, “there is something that I must do first.”
     “What is that?”
     I whisper in to the air, “Marumbei.” The earth beneath us and the tress begin to glow. Everyone stops to look at this wondrous sight.
     Una inquires, “What is going on?”
     “Just calling a friend to help clean up our mess.”
     She smiles, “You did a great job.”
     A rush of wind blows past us and an eary yet beautiful sound is heard. “Marumbei,” I say aloud, and it appears above us. It’s a giant bird-like dragon, iridescent in color so it always appears to be changing. It lands and spread’s its wings wide ready to sing for us. Its song is like that of a whale, quite mystifying.
     The battle worn earth is healing and the sky clears to its blue self. It would seem the battle is over for now and we all stay still, listening to the song of Versaii’s greatest spirit beast.

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