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Chapter 2 - Breathless
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     “How are you feeling, princess?” a voice says as a man walks through the door.
     “Prince Titian!?” I don’t know what to think. So many emotions are rushing through me that I simply can’t function. He walks into the room.
     Prince Titian, the older brother of Prince Titus. He’s always away, doing what exactly, I really don’t know. I suppose you can say he controls and monitors the other half of the country.
     He renounced his right as the High Prince so that he could support his brother better. He has always been like that, preferring to be behind the scenes. But despite renouncing the title, he is still one of the most desirable men on this planet.
     25 years old, just over six feet tall, dark dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes; yep, he’s one huge chick magnet. The worst part is that he knows it. It’s rare to meet a woman he hasn’t been with.
     “So, how are you feeling, my dear?” He walks around his passed-out brother and takes a hold of my wrist. He pulls my hand away from the grip of Titus and places a light, gentle kiss.
     I try not to laugh, but I do smile. “You know I don’t like it when you do that.”
     He smiles and says charmingly, “As true as that may be, until the day you knock me down, I’m afraid I’ll just have to keep doing it.”
     “Then perhaps, dear Prince, you’d be so kind as to get closer so that I may knock you to the floor.”
     His smile widens and he begins to lean in. “But my lovely princess, as I draw closer to you I may be tempted to do things I’m sure you-” All I hear is a thwack as Titian drew closer to my face.
     “Are you mad? Just what did you think you were doing!?” Titus looks annoyed.
     “Haha, it was a joke. You really do take things too seriously, Titus. Wouldn’t you agree, Shaina?”
     I know better not to say anything; still, it’s hard to hold my amusement in.
     “Don’t answer Shaina; and what do you mean ‘joke’? She’s just recovered from battle and you’re moving like a snake try to take advantage of her.”
     And suddenly the tide turns. “Titus, really he didn’t-”
     “No Shaina, I refuse to allow my brother treat you like those women he fondles and charms into his bed.”
     “Oh dear, it would appear that I have made you angry.” Titian lets out a sigh. Well then, I will continue with my duties. Shaina, I’m glad to see you are well,” and with a bow he takes his leave. Titus just stands by my bedside, almost as if to guard it like a dog.
     The High Prince Titus, 20, about six feet, has light brown hair and bright blue eyes. On top of being handsome like his brother, he’s first in line for the thrown so women practically throw themselves at his feet. He hates that.
     Titus takes a deep breath, “Are you okay?” He can look so serious sometimes.
     With a little smile I reply, “Yes, my Prince.” I turn my face toward the window so that he doesn’t see how amused I was with their quarrel. “I think you may have over reacted a bit though. After all, it’s not as though I’m made of glass. Not only that, “I look back at him and hold in a chuckle, “I look a lot better than you do.”
     He rolls his eyes, crosses his arms, and looks away; always acting so tough. “Are you really alright, my Prince? I mean, you look like you should be resting in bed, not standing here.”
     He looks at me with those ocean filled eyes of his, “You know me, I hate being still. Besides, I was more worried about you.” I could tell that he was altering the truth, which part I was not too entirely sure. He lets out a big sigh as he sits besides me. Suddenly his composure changes, “Shaina….” His throat is dry or at least that’s how it sounds, he clears it.
     “What’s wrong? You’re mother didn’t pass away while I’ve been asleep?”
     “What? No, why would you ask such a thing?”
     “Because you act as if someone died.”
     “I was just going to apologize!”
     Woah, that was unexpected. “Apologize?” I haven’t seen him so flustered. “I don’t understand.”
     He hangs his head, staring at his hand and feet. “Before the battle… before we prepared to set out. You told me, that I should stay and you should go, that you had a bad feeling. I’m sorry, I just… I blew you off. It was like I had heard what you had said, but not really, you know? I…”
     “My Prince,” I reach to comfort him.
     “I just wanted you to know, it’s not your fault,” he turned and looked at me.
     Not my fault. Not my fault. I wasn’t always an emotional person, but I couldn’t help tear up when he said that. Without thinking, I gathered all my strength and hugged him. He even hugged me back.
     “I want you to take it easy the next few days; no training, no fooling around, just relaxing.” I look at him in disbelief. He smiles, “Don’t worry, I have to take it easy as well. As you said, you’re a lot better than I am.”
     “I could-”
     “No,” he pushes me away gently, “no magic. You just rest, not just your body, but your magic as well.”
     “So I’m to become a prisoner then?” I lay back into my pillows and look to the curtain covered window.
     “Hardly, you can move about, just within reason.” He can sense my disapproval. “Shaina, please, for me.”
     I take a deep breath, “If that is your wish then I’ll grant it, my Prince.”
     “Please, I’m tired. All this excitement has left me exhausted. So if you wouldn’t mind, please leave.”
     “Very well. Sleep well.” He bows then exits the room.
     I hate it when he treats me like, I don’t know, a normal girl. It’s funny, we wish to be like everyone else until it finally happens, then it doesn’t feel all so great.
     Arg. Oh well, I’ll just head off to bed. Wait, I’m already in bed, heh. Sleep then. Yes, sleep.

La la la
La la~

La la la
When we wish upon a star,
No matter where you are
I’m sure to find you~

La la la
La la

     “You startled me, Prince Titian.”
     “I doubt that. I heard you singing. Feeling good today?” I know he can’t help but be charming, still sometimes I swear he can see right through me. He walks slowly to me then goes to my side and over looks the scenery. He takes a deep breath, “Ah, it’s such a nice day. The air is crisp and cool, good for relaxing. Wouldn’t you agree?” He looks down at me and smiles.
     “You’re welcome to sit, I don’t bite unless provoked.”
     “Heh, heh. Thank you my dear, but I’ll just stand here.”
     “Are you afraid, sir?”
     “Afraid? Of you, no.” He bends down to my level and whispers, “I’m afraid of myself being too close to you, my pretty lady.” He returns to looking out.
     I giggle and am surprised by it. Despite being surrounded by men, I somehow have managed to grow into a woman. I clear my throat and stare into the sky. “Why, does my beauty scare you? You, who has had countless women at your side?”
     He too looks up to the sky, “It is true. I am surrounded by many women. Not to mention, I’ve experienced many uh, skills, in being with them. But my lady,” he comes before me and kneels, chills run over my body, “you do not compare to any of them. You are the lily among daisies, the unicorn among mares. I’ve watched you grow and bloom; and most of all, I have loved you.”
     “Shaina, you stopped calling me Titian so that you wouldn’t sound disrespectful. But I never thought you were. Please, call me by my name; we are friends after all, aren’t we?”
     Oh dear. He stands up, taking my hand and gracefully pulls me up to him. “Titian, why are you so serious? This isn’t like you. It’s almost like…,” our eyes meet and I quickly look away. My heart races.
     “You with your skills. What you are saying is correct, I love you.” He pulls me in and holds me. “You’ve always known, so this should be of no-”
     “But why!?”
     “Now you’re asking the right question, why now?” My eyes are getting teary, it almost hurts to breathe. He tilts my head to look at me. “I have always looked after my brother, giving him the thrown and even you.”
     “You mean all these years,” I take a deep breath in hopes of keeping my composure, and walk to the balcony’s edge, “the reason you were always distant, all those women, it was because you wanted Titus to…. So then-”
     “I’m growing tired of waiting. He may be a great leader and have the aspects to become our next king. But, he still hasn’t grown up. If he isn’t smart enough to take you, then I will.”
     “Titian…,” I can’t seem to focus on an object.
     “Shaina,” he turns me to face him, “you are an extraordinary person. You were so injured, but look at you now out here, in such a beautiful dress. Not a scratch. I love you, and nothing will change that.”
     I don’t really remember what happened after he said that. Our lips touched, I closed my eyes and I hoped my heart wouldn’t stop beating.

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