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Chapter 4 - Omen
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     A heart beats. Whose is it in this dark abyss? Wait, I see something, I feel it too. It seems to be some sort of liquid.
     “Blood,” I’m sitting in shallow blood. It’s on me too.
     I hear a drop. I look out to the front of me where the sound came from. It- It’s Mother Light! She’s hung up on a large cross, nails and robe hold her. My stomach is tensing up. It hurts to breathe. I place my hands over my mouth in hopes to control my breathing.
     Gradually more crosses appear with girls on them. Midnight and Eagle, my other mothers, plus many of the others I knew. Others, who were killed that day that horrible, bloody day. My family. My Home. Such memories bring an awful taste to my mouth. I can’t look anymore.
     I yell out, “Stop it!”
     The crosses fade away. Footsteps are coming toward me. They stop. “I can save you, my little princess.”
     That voice. Starting at his feet, I follow them up to his body to his face. “A- Adamar.”
     He kneels and holds out his hand, “Come, and allow me save you. I can keep you safe, Princess Shaina.
     “Nage,” I manage to say, but it merely came out as a whisper. I cover my ears and close my eyes.
     “My Princess, more will come. More will suf-”
     “You do not need these pathetic people or this place. You’re better than them.”
     “Nage!”      “Your Princes lack the power to protect you, come with me my love.”
     “NAGENE!” I scream, and then I stare at him. He doesn’t flinch.
     “In time you’ll come to me, Princess. In time.” He Takes one of my hands and kisses it gently as he nods. As he stands to walk away, he fades into the void.
     Tears. There are so many, it just washes out everything.

     My pillow is soaked. The tears won’t stop. My heart is racing. I can’t think or sleep. I quickly get out of bed, grab my robe and exit my room. Briskly I walk down the hallways. Before I knew it I was knocking at his door.
     “Who is it?”
     I barely manage to get my name out, “Sh- Shaina.”      “Enter.”
     I open the door and enter the room. Tears stream down my face. They won’t stop. He’s sitting at his chair, tending to his sword. “What is it?”
     I can’t say anything, I merely walk over slowly.
     “Shaina, wha-” He finally looked away from his sword. His annoyed demeanor now turns to that of shock.
     Gently, but quickly, he places his sword out of harms way and faces me. I still can say nothing.
     “What happened, wha-” I throw myself at him. He held me in his arms.
     “Titus,” I whimper, “can I stay with you tonight?” My hands clinch his unbuttoned shirt. He doesn’t reply with words but with his comforting embrace.
     Finally he says, “You never need permission to be with me.”

     The morning sun spreads its glow into the room. It’s warm. A heart beats, it’s soothing. Vanilla. As my eyes focus I see the rays of the sun dancing through the window. My senses begin to awaken as well.
     I tilt my head up slightly. I can’t help but smile a little. He’s so adorable when he’s asleep. His left arm is wrapped around my waist; it probably has no feeling in it by now. Up and down; I watch and feel his chest fall and rise with each breath. His toned body is wrapped in such smooth skin. Vanilla, he smells like vanilla. My eyes close.
     “You two really do make a good match,” a voice pierces through the haze of comfort. Titus begins to stir and I force my eyes to open once again.
     After rubbing his eyes and a few groans, Titus yells, “What in the world are you doing barging into my room at this hour, Titian?!” He motions me to get off him and stay in the bed.
     “You’re so tense little brother. You’ve never gotten this upset before. I guess Shaina is special to you after all,” he smiles, and then gives me a wink. I choose to stay out of I; it’s too early for an argument.
     “Special? Just what are y-”
     “You need to get dressed to head out,” Titian says suddenly in a more stern voice. “Shaina, you too.”
     “You know Shaina can’t.”
     “She must, otherwise this puzzle may never be solved.”
     Suddenly my heart sinks. A nasty taste enters my mouth. “I’ll go.”
     “No, you need to rest Shaina.”      “Titus, your brother is right. Trust me, I must go with you.”
     He looks at me and lets out a sigh. Throwing the covers off him, he walks over to the window and looks out. Thinking. He looks at me, for once I can’t tell what he’s thinking about. His face is one I haven’t seen before. “Shaina, you can come, but promise me one thing first. You must promise not to strain yourself. Will you do that for me?”
     A smile crosses my face, “Yes. I will do my best not to strain myself. But, I cannot promise that I won’t. After all, I may have to give it all I got to solve this.”
     He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and resumes to looking out the window. “Very well then. Titian, make sure everything is ready for us to depart. Shaina, you go get changed. Titian, be ready to prep us on the situation once we’re down stairs.”
     “Understood, see you two down stairs.” As he walks out the door, he turns back and says with amusement, “Oh, and I really did mean what I said earlier. You two really do make a good match.”
     I laugh. Titus just glances at me then walks over to the bed as I walk around it. It’s like he wants to say something but can’t find the words. Smiling, I go up to him. I’ve forgotten how adorable he looks as he walks around with just his silk-pajama pants on. I gently touch his face with my hand and then embrace him. At first he just stood there motionless, but surprise, he embraced back. I stood on my toes and whispered in to his ear, “Thank you, my Prince for rescuing me, and most of all, loving me.” As I pull away I noticed his hidden smile.
     After getting ready, we met down stairs. Titian began to give us the information as we head out and mounted our horses.
     “It was early morning the sun had even risen when it was discovered. No one knows what caused it, therefore no leads are available.”
     Not even glancing over to Titian, Titus asks, “What’s the total casualty?”
     “The total number is unknown, but it was a whole town.”
     “What?!” Titus looks over to me. I know what he’s thinking and I nod back. We rush over to the site.
     Blood. The valley is covered in blood. We dismount. I hold back my tears. I can feel the fear that the people felt before they died. So much fear, so much pain.
     I walk out to the edge of the bloody grass. All I can say is, “Adamar.”

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