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Chapter 5 - Valley of Sorrow
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     Titian and Titus walk up behind me slowly, absorbing the horrendous site before us. Out of the corner of my eye I see Titus look at me as though he wants to tell me words of comfort, but nothing came out.
     “What do you see?” asks Titian moving slightly forward.
     I take a deep breath and look at the ground beneath me then close my eyes. I can’t answer. Images of him race through my mind causing my body to shake.
     “Shaina, what do you see? Answer me.”
     “Titian, hold on a minute.” Titus gently places his hand on my shoulder and moves in front of me. With his other hand he tilts my head up so that our eyes meet. “What has gotten you so scared? You who has no fear; not even against that giant monster. So what is it that scares you so? He brushes his cheek against mine as he pulls me close to him.
     A single tear is released from my eyes as I embrace him back. “I’m afraid, I’m afraid that if I tell you it will make it more than a dream, but a sad, horrible reality. But more than that, I’m afraid for you, my Prince.”
     “Shaina, please tell us. We both love you. There is nothing you can’t tell us,” says Titian. I feel his touch and he embraces me from behind.
     So warm and safe feeling, I never wanted it to end. But, as they trust me, I must trust them. “It… it was the work of one being.”
     “What…?” Titus says looking into my eyes. Titian backs away and walks around to Titus’ side.
     “Adamar, he- his name is Adamar.”
     “Adamar? Adamar… why does that name sound familiar.” Titian scratches his chin.
     “Adamar, the man in your dreams, your ex-gaurdian, the Glartaic spy.” The look in Titus’ eyes as he peered into mine was troubling. I merely acknowledged with a nod.
     “How did you know?”
     “When Shaina first came to be with us she had constant nightmares. She’d cry so much that her pillows felt as though it rained on them.” I blush after hearing that, I didn’t think I cried that much.
     “Hmmm, I don’t remember any of this.”
     “That’s because I was the one who would sneak her room at night and stay with her to comfort her.” There’s a bit of cockiness in Titus’ voice. He then turns to me, “In the dream you had last night it was him wasn’t it? Did he show you his intentions for this town?”
     “No.” I walk through them and look out over the valley. “He held out his hand and asked me to leave with him. I refused, well, not refused, I screamed at him to leave me alone. I believed what he told me though.”
     “What he told you?” Titian says questionably.
     “’More will come and more will suffer.’ ‘I can save you, Princess Shaina.’”
     “Princess, huh? Shaina, I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Titus steps to my side, “are you a Princess?”
     “If you want me to be, I can be what ever you wish of me.”
     He blushes, I don’t that was the response he was looking for.
     Cough. “Okay, then, if you two love birds don’t mind, Shaina could you explain one thing to me?”
     “Yes Titian?”      “Adamar has a human shape I presume. Even still, how strong is he?”
     “There are glartaics that take animal forms; those are the weakest. Then there are the omegas, giant creatures that choose to keep their large, monstrous form known. Finally there are the deities, similar to omegas but smarter and stronger. They take the guise that gives them the advantage. Humans in this case. Adamar is a deity, one of the oldest, strongest, and smartest of his kind.
     I unbutton my long over coat and let it slip off my shoulders to the ground. I close my eyes, cross my arms and place them against my chest. On my back I have two marks in between my shoulder blades. My wings release. “Destroying a town like this uses just a speck of his power.”
     I look over at Titus, he’s thinking about what I’ve just said, he’s disturbed by it. “My Prince,” I say as I step toward the valley, “do not be foolish to challenge him should you ever meet him. He’ll kill you.” And with that I take to the sky.
     I soar over the valley and approach the bottom most part. I hover over the ground so close that the tips of my boots nearly touch it. I lay my head down and left my hands to pray. My wings spread out, and as I begin my song of prayer and I feel the fear and despair slowly fade. And as I sing, I open my eyes and tilt my head up to the sky, raising my hands over my head.
     In my cupped hands a light begins to glow, its warm and uplifting. I release the light to the heavens above. It’s so beautiful, but not as much as the scattered light that later falls from the sky across the valley. The once blood-stained valley that was so destroyed is now rich and green.
     With the valley healed and souls laid to rest, my wings disappear, leaving nothing but white, iridescent feathers floating in the breeze. I float down, my feet touch the ground. Both Princes run down to me. It’s so peaceful now, butterflies are fluttering about and birds fly by.
     “You know Shaina, people may think that you serve us, but it is really us that serve you.” I turn to find Titian smiling and Titus with a look of concern.
     “You needn’t worry Titus, I feel fine.”
     “You sure?”
     I walk up to him, place my hands on his chest then lean against him. I smile and look up at him. “I am so lucky to be loved so much.” Titus just looked away, trying not to blush.

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