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Chapter 6 - Against the Wall
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     “Maybe I should stay with you, Sis. Adamar will try to take you and I know you will not fight him at full strength.”
     I open my eyes and turn my head to the side, looking up at my sister who is sitting next me as I lay in the flowery field. “And you will?”
     “Of course, but why this sense of doubt?”
     I revert back to the sky above. “You know why, you cannot defeat him on your own. Physically you are far stronger than me, but magically….”
     “Then I won’t come alone.”
     I force myself to sit up then scotch next to Sarca. “So you’d bring her into this as well?”
     “Why not? It would be like a family get together, so to speak.”
     “I don’t know about this.”
     “Come on; think of it as sister quality time… plus Rebecca.”
     I can’t help but laugh. “Sure, it’ll be like walking through town with the Princes only worse.”
     “And what is that suppose to mean?”
     “You are one of the largest idols in the universe. Rebecca is a famous model. So what am I compared to you two? This planet’s famous escort.”
     “Aw come on, it won’t be that bad.”
     Man, it is so hard to say no to her when she looks at me like that; with her cute little smile and puppy-dog eyes. “Alright.”
     “Yes!” she hugs me so hard I almost lose feeling in my limbs. “Yay, I get to visit my big sister!”

     “Oh boy,” I sit up in my bed and slap myself in the forehead. What was I thinking? I can’t just invite those two without permission. I’m so dead. Okay, don’t panic. It’s not as if they are a burden or anything like that.
     “Alright then,” I get out of bed and quickly get dressed. I throw on a light green, nothing fancy, it falls above my knees. I do a quick brushing of my hair and leave it down. I finish up with my shoes. Nothing quick about putting them on, that is, if I were tying the ribbons up with my hands. Thank the heavens for magic.
     I hurry down the stairs, through the hallways, and out to the training area. Both brothers are out there along with some of their friends; some of which are rolling all over the place as they wrestle.
     “Hello gentlemen, or should I say children?”
     “Isn’t that a bit harsh Shaina?” Titian laughs not even looking away from the men. Finally he turns and looks dumbstruck. All the others follow suit with the same look at they stop to face me.
     “What?” Why are you all looking at me like that?” Okay this feels completely awkward. Even Titus is looking at me strange.
     “Shaina, you look….”
     “Yes Titus?”
     “…like a girl!” Leo declares loudly. All the others begin shaking their heads and mumbling in agreement.
     How irritating. “You do realize that I have always been a girl, right? And if you keep making stupid comments like that I will be a girl that will kick all your butts in an instant.”
     Titian chuckles. “Easy now Shaina, think of it as a compliment.”
     ‘Then perhaps you should educate them on the proper ways of giving a girl a compliment.”
     Titus is amused by all of this and smiles. “Be nice Shaina, you know it’s rare for anyone outside this castle to see your more feminine side.”
     Okay, time to ask him, here I go. “Speaking of femininity and girls in general…,” Wow, such silence and interest in what I’m saying, “my cousin and my sister will be paying me a visit. So yeah, I just thought I’d let you know. Bye!”
     “Wait, wait, wait, say that again,” Titian walks over to me and takes my hand. “Now then, say that again but a bit slower.”
     Wow Titian has nice eyes. “My sister Sarca and my cousin Rebecca will be visiting me for a while.”
     All the guys are cheering wildly. Titian and Titus don’t thankfully. But Titus’ face turns to that of concern.
     “Does it have to do with recent past events?”
     I simply look at Titus and nod to him in agreement; the guys are still hooting and hollering.
     “Come, let’s go inside and get the preparations going.” I nod to Titian and give Titus a smile as I’m lead inside. “Heh heh, you really surprised everyone in that outfit of yours.”
     “I take it you approve then?”
     “I’ve never disapproved of you before.” Too charming, and now I find myself guided to a wall. A corner in fact. Okay, remember to breathe. “That dress really brings out your eyes.”
     My back is against the wall and Titian is getting closer. He tilts my head up and closes in. He kisses me gently, a peck at first but then full out. I feel his hands glide across my body. He grabs my hands sensing my motion to push him away.
     He becomes more passionate in his handling of me. “P-please, st-stop-” He places his fingers over my lips and stares into my eyes smiling and joins our lips once more. Help me, Titus. I feel tears stream down the side of my face.
     Suddenly Titian is off of me. I open my eyes to find Titus huffing and puffing. He threw Titian across the hall from what it looks like. He turns and rushes at me, nearly colliding into me.
     In between breaths he manages to ask, “Are you alright?!” I can’t move, it’s as I’m frozen. “Shaina,” he shakes me, “answer me. Snap out of it. Are you-”
     “I’m sorry,” I throw my arms around him. Tears flow and I’m shaking vigorously. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
     “I wanted to push him away but I just-”
     I couldn’t believe it. His lips, he’s kissing me. His eyes look into mine and I feel safe. The kiss is so sweet and gentle, but still strong. Releasing his kiss he pulls me tightly. “I’ve got you, don’t worry.”      “Now then,” he turns back to look at his brother who is still lying against the wall, “what should we do about him.”

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