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Chapter 7 - Family Ties
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     “Hi big sister, we’re here!”
     “Shaina, good to see you again, it’s been a while.”
     I struggle to say a word with Sarca hugging me so tight. “Hi Becca.”
     Rebecca Carter, the universe’s top model. Very polite, has an accent, although I’m not too sure what kind it is. She’s about my height with brown hair that looks orange under the right lighting conditions.
     “Come on in ladies. Do I need to give another tour?”
     “No thank you, but you could explain your bodyguard over there eyeing us from afar.”
     “Isn’t that Titus, Sis?
     After yesterday Titus hasn’t let me out of his sight. It wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t already thrown his brother into the dungeon for a while. “I’ll explain later. First let’s get ya’ll settled.”

     “Is that all you have to say about all this?”
     “What would you have us say? We came here for your Adamar problems, not prince ones.”
     Good old Becca, I can always count on her to sound so practical.
     “Well if it was me, I would’ve killed him.”
     I fling myself about on the bed, “Night Crawler.” He’s sitting at the open window on the sill. He merely replies with a wave of his hand.
     The shock of seeing him, my guardian, is subsiding and I return to looking at the girls on the bed. “You would rather kill them both and take me away to some safe place.”
     He doesn’t flinch, merely looks out the window. “You’re right.”
     “So you would have me forsake my world as well?”
     “This is not your world, nor is it your home.” He gets off the sill and approaches me. Black feathers from his wings float to the floor as the shed off him. “These people don’t even know who or what you are.”
     “Wasn’t that the idea, sir?” Becca interjects. I’m surprised; she usually avoids getting involved with agruements.
     “Yes, but-”
     “No but’s. It’s either all or nothing. You can’t be finicky.”
     “I hate to cut the chit-chat but someone’s coming, you should transform big brother, right Sis?”
     “Why, let them s-”
     The door opens, “Who the hell is that?!”
     Gasp. “Titus, calm down!” He unsheathes his sword and cautiously comes along side the bed. Night Crawler smirks at him. “Shaina, who is he?”
     “Titus, this is Night Crawler. Remember I had sent him to Sarca years ago?”
     “The crow? You seem to have neglected to tell me that he has a humanoid form.”
     “Intimidated prince?”
     “Stop it you two. It’s okay Titus, please put your sword down.”
     “Heh heh,” he smiles at Titus.
     “What are you smiling at bird-boy?”
     “Oh nothing, it just amazes me that you think that you can protect Shaina from Adamar when you couldn’t even do it from your brother.”
     Oh crap. “Titus!” I throw myself onto him to stop the charge. “Night Crawler, nage ne.” I get in front of Titus and turn m strong hold to a gentle embrace. “It’s okay Titus.” I whisper in his ear, “I’m already yours.” He calms down and puts his sword up.
     “And as for you…,” I walk up to Night Crawler. SLAP. “You have some nerve. It’s a good thing you’re like a big brother to us because you can be such a jerk. Now apologize.”
     “Sorry,” he says under his breath.
     “We can’t hear you.”
     “I’m sorry,” he says in a louder voice.
     Titus accepts with a nod of his head. “So ladies, are we going to see the town or what?”
     We all look at one another, smile then let out a loud cheer full of excitement. This was going to interesting, but fun.

     It’s night time now and man I’m beat. Showing the girls the town in addition to the Prince being present… it was an adventure to say the least.
     “Thanks for today Sis, it was fun.” Sacra gave me a big hug.
     I can’t help but laugh. “Which part? The part when a mob nearly crushed me or the part when you guys had stalkers around every corner?”
     She giggles and bids goodnight once again then closes the door.
     “My lady,” night crawler reveals himself from the shadows.
     “Night Crawler, stay with Sarca.”
     “But you are my-”
     “I am no longer your first priority remember? That is why I had sent you with her in the first place.”
     “I remember,” he comes to my side and walks the halls with me. “With your sister here however, I can look after you as well.”
     “But why; you can’t possibly believe that man can protect you as well as I can.”
     “I have no disillusions that he can.”
     “Then why!” he raises his voice and cuts me off. “Why, Princess?”
     I smile at him, memories of the times we’ve spent together flash through my mind. I touch his cheek gently with my hand and kiss the other.
     “Titus may not posses your skills or strength, but he loves me. He doesn’t say it, but I can see it in his actions.” With my hands over my heart and my eyes closed I continue, “I believe in him, but not only that, I must believe that he can.”
     “But… why?”
     “Because,” I smile at him, “I love him.” And with that I continue down the hallway. I sense Night Crawler’s presence go to my sister’s room.
     “I’m surprised that you can still walk,” Titus’ voice echoes.
     I snap out of the zone my mind seemed to have slipped into. I some how walked to Titus’ room. He’s sitting up in bed with pillows as support. “Come on in.”
     I go over to the bed and sit next to him. Yet again he is shirtless and wearing silk-bottoms the color of sherry wine. “Ug, I can’t move anymore.”
     “I know what you mean. How do those two find the energy for that kind of stuff?”
     “Beats me, guess it comes with the job.” We laugh, after all, we’re soldiers, we should be used to walking a lot. “So what are you doing?” I lean over to peek and then end up resting on him. He is so comfy.
     “Work unfortunately. I have to write up some reports and read over things. Boring Prince stuff. You’re welcome to stay though.”
     And I did, in fact, I fell asleep.

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