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View some of my artwork on DeviantArt.com.

Omg... yes, I have Twitter.

Convention Links

Nekocon. Located in Hampton, VA.

Anime Mid-Atlantic
Anime Mid-Atlantic. Typically located in Richmond, VA.

Friend Links

Persephone's Wish
A site I designed for my friend. She's a fabulous aspiring costume/fashion designer.

Ivy Bakery
Visit my friend's bakery. She has very tasty treats available, go take a look!


Deviantart is known for its art community but it is also a good place to find stock photos, brushes and textures.

Stock photography.

Official PSDs
Excellent source for graphic designers. Files of people and things already cut out and saved as a PSD file.

CSS Tutorial
Has some useful CSS tips and tricks.

It's what I use for my image galleries. CSS + Java.

Mouse Over Pop-up
Javascript Tutorial. How to make image pop on mouse overs. (Example can be seen on my 'Print' section.)

Brands of the World
For those needing Vector artwork, this is a good spot to try and find company logos.

Movie Clip Buttons
Flash CS3. This is a tutorial that shows how I made the menu buttons on my portfolio.

Very good quality button makers.

Banners for linking.

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