Here's the page where you can pick out and order some prints of my work.
Scroll over the picture to see the picture name and cost.You will need to take note to what each name is, then fill out the form on the bottom.
Order Form : Specials

8.5x11 Prints
All prints will be printed on quality matte paper.


Original Art

:Order Form:

11x17 Prints
All prints will be printed on quality cover gloss paper and are $15 each. Please note that this is not a high gloss (UV coat).

Misc. Items
Stickers and Magnets range between 2"-3". Bookmarks are laminated for protection. Min. of order of 5 required for stickers, magnets and bookmarks.

I accept Paypal and Money Orders.
Money orders: Prints won't be shipped until money order is received. Paypal: An email will be sent to request money, if you wish to
have the emailed to a different email address be sure to list it in the comment area.

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